April 2, 2011

Step-by-Step - How to Un-Centre Your Photos.

Putting your subject in the centre of your photos? Your just centimetres from creating a better image. We’re learning about the power of un-centring your photos this week. Here’s all you need to do:

1.     Prep. Crack open your manual and see if you have the option of “gridlines” on your viewfinder. Turn ‘em on.

2.    Camera. Flip on your camera – don’t forget to use the P setting (and if possible, turn off the flash).

3.    Position. Look at your subject in the centre of your screen. Now, move the camera left so that the subject is in the left third of the screen.

4.    Click. Take your picture.  Now look at your results in the screen. Try everything again with your subject on the other side. Turn the camera around, and try it with the subject filling the top half (then the bottom half).

5.    Question. Is your shot blurry? That’s probably because your autofocus is trying to focus on the centre of the frame. Here’s a simple workaround. Centre your subject, push the shutter halfway down and hold it. Then recompose your image so that your subject is on the left or right and push the shutter all the way down.

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