April 8, 2011

Step-by-step - How to get a new perspective.

Get up high. Get down low. Zoom way out. Zoom way in. When you try taking a different perspective you’re making your photos a whole lot less traditional – and a whole lot less boring. Here’s how to make it happen:

1.     Prep. Take a good look at your scene and think about what might work best in terms of a new perspective. Taking a picture of a baby? Get down low – to the baby’s level. Trying a crowd scene? Break out the ladder and get above.

2.    Camera. P Setting. No flash if you’re somewhere bright. Turn on those gridlines.

3.    Position. Look at the subject in your screen. How’s it look? Need to get lower? Move to the right or left?

4.    Click. Take your picture – in fact, take a few from different positions and angles.

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