April 6, 2011

#14 - Get a new perspective.

Look at that portrait of my three-month-old up there.

I did everything pretty much right. Didn’t use flash. Un-centred the shot. Background's a little distracting. But something else isn't right.

It’s boring.

Looks like just about every baby snapshot you’ve ever seen. It shows off my little one in all her glory, but it doesn’t make a family member stop and say “oooh.” And let’s face it. When it comes to your pictures, it’s alllllll about the great job you did.

What this shot needs is a little perspective – or at least a different perspective. Get up high. Get down low. Go in close. Get out wide. It’s amazing what happens when you move your camera around to grab a different angle. By moving around, you’ve got a better chance of seeing (and capturing) something you never saw (or captured) before.

Get original.

Our wee one’s been sitting in a Bumbo chair of late. I recomposed my original image with a few different shots that showed her off in a way that got a chuckle or a look of curiosity.

Stare into someone’s eyes.
Getting on par the eyeline of a subject makes for a powerful portrait. Nothing worse than snapping a shot of your small fry when you’re six feet tall and towering over them.

Think big.
Low angles exaggerate the entire shot and can make for a really cool look. These types of shots also help cluttered backgrounds look a little better.

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