January 9, 2012

#50 – What to do after you shoot your photo

"Taking" the photo is only half the adventure.

Now that you’ve got the frame in your digital camera, what are you going to do with it? Save it to your computer? Edit it? Share it with the world. These days, there’s just so many options (Flickr! Picasa! Instagram!). Over the last year, Frame One offered some tips, tricks and ideas on organizing, editing and showing off your work:

If you leave your photos on your camera for months on end, you’re asking for trouble Figure out where to keep photos, what you call ‘em and how you fix each and every one.

Get to know the controls of one program – but which program? This post (and this Bonus one) show you why you should pick just a single program – and which ones work best.

Want to make editing easier? Buy a bigger memory card, skip the JPEG format and go straight for RAW. This digital negative makes everything easier to edit.

Want to share a slideshow with family and friends. Here’s three ways to make it happen.

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