August 13, 2011

Bonus – Accessorize your gadgets with these must haves.

I apologize to all the wives out there.

Over the years, my fondness for new gadgets (hello Second Generation Core Macbook Air!) has been a bit infectious and a few of my male friends have joined me for the adventures. TVs. Cameras. iPads. I’ve lined up for them all.

Being a good friend means that I do a bit more than conscript my pals for the daylong lineups at nearby gadget shops. Because I want them to get the most out of those gadgets, I go on (and on) about what they’ll need to enjoy them all the more.

With Back to School coming up, you might be considering a new purchase. Before you head out there, I suggest investing in these three items:

Invisible Shield
I despise scratches. Ditto for nicks. Dents aren’t any better. I like my stuff looking new for as long as possible (it also helps when I sell the stuff to get the latest tech), so I invest a few extra bucks in slapping a second skin on laptops, phones, even camera screens. My choice is the ZAGG Invisible Shield. It’s a bit fussy to install and peels during the year, but my year-old iPhone looks like it came out of the box.

Griffin Stylus
This one’s mainly for tablet and laptop users. I storyboard out photo and video shoots. Back in the day, I’d scribble my work on a piece of paper and then scan it in. It’s annoying and cumbersome. I played around with different styluses (styli?) and found that the Griffin was a favourite. It writes smoothly, lets me sign documents and helps churn out my handdrawn work really easily.

Better Straps
No matter how good your camera, the strap that came with it probably sucks. It’s made out of nylon, chainlink or  whatever. If you’re carrying around a dSLR all day, it’s going to punish your shoulder. Get a bouncy strap like this one from Optex. As you walk, it bounces with you and makes everything feel lighter. Same thing goes for your backpack or satchel. If you’re carrying around lots of stuff, forget the padded stuff – look for the neoprene laced bouncy stuff. Your back and shoulders will thank you.

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