August 31, 2011

#34 – Shoot what you love.

I hate nature.

Well “hate” is a pretty strong word, but I’m a stereotypical suburban kid. I dread a weekend at the cottage. Freak out if my swimming hole has a muddy bottom.

Funny thing about all of this is that the fact that I’m not a nature baby is reflected in my photography. I’m an awful landscape photographer. My brain simply doesn’t want to register what makes a great landscape. I can get guy with vacation snaps, but when I see brilliant work like that from Frame One fan Mark McCulloch, I realize I’ve got my limitations.

Most of us can’t be fantastic at every type of photography and that’s actually a good thing. Most of us aren’t interested in turning our photos into a full-time pro career. We just want to make better memories.

You make the very best memories by getting good at shooting the kind of pictures you love. For me, those are portraits and abstracts, and those generally tend to be my best shots. Funny thing is that as I’ve gotten better at taking those pictures, I’ve also gotten better at taking the types of photos I don’t love as much.

So get great at taking your favourite types of photos – and all your photos instantly improve.

What type of photos do you like to shoot?
·      Portraits
·      Landscapes
·      Abstracts
·      Wedding
·      Documentary
·      Aerial
·      Black and White
·      Sports
·      Night

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