July 14, 2011

Bonus – Three cool extras for your summertime photos.


It’s hot enough out there to develop a Texan accent and come up with some homespun metaphor about the heat.

Lucky for us, we’re talking about a cool photo technique this week – and to add to the coolness (coolosity?), three pieces of gear worth checking out:

How many times are you at a summertime party and can’t find someone to shoot a great snap? That’s where the gorillpod comes in. It’s small, light and the legs bend into crazy shapes so you can wrap it around just about anything. A simply and cool add on to any purse or knapsack.
Photojojo! The Book – Great ideas for fun and funky photo projects.
Photojojo is just about one of my favourite spots on the Internet. They’ve always got great ideas, tips and projects for anyone who wants to do a little more with photography. Hitting the beach? Get this summertime read to tagalong – it’s worth a flip through.
Plushtography – For when you need a nap.
I have six kids. I like to nap – and now I want to nap with a giant pillow that looks like a camera lens. This falls in the “so ridiculous I must have one” category. Sadly, they’re currently backordered on just about everything. If you’re a little too into photography, these are for you.

Want to se some great photos and get in on some seriously good photo discussions? Check out Intel Canada’s page on Facebook.

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