July 27, 2011

#29 – Make everyone look smarter, thinner and prettier.

I’m not what you’d call a “thin” guy.

I’m tall. I’m middle aged. I’m – well it’s my blog so I’ll be kind to myself – cherubic.

Generally, I’m just fine with that. It’s just that when I get around to looking at myself in most pictures, I think “oh man – who’s that fat dude?”

When it comes to photos, everybody you know has something that they fear. Crows feet. Double chins. Moles. Personally, I think these things make people look beautiful and individual. The person your photographing probably doesn’t agree.

So if you want to be a star in the eyes of the people you take pictures of, know a few simple tricks that make everyone look just that much better.

Look better – use white balance + Clean and Clear wipes.
Here’s how to deal with pale and shiny people. You can manage the tan-less (guilty as charged) by taking a photo of them outdoors near dusk. The light is rich and golden, making them look … rich and golden. Using a flash? Try putting a little translucent orange duotang cover over the flash to create some colour (just not tooooo orange). If that doesn't work, just shoot in black and white. And as for the shine that comes from a little sweat? Try Clean and Clear wipes. Works like a charm.

Look thinner – get up a little higher + use shadows.
Shoot someone from a higher angle to make them look thinner, simple as that. Want to hide something specific? Get them to turn their body into the shadowy side of the photo. Instant svelte.

Look prettier – know which is a model’s “best side” + use depth of field.
Remember the old adage “photograph my good side?” That’s a real thing. People have better sides to photo. Take a couple snaps of yourself on each side and decide. Another idea? Soften the look of the photo by turning up the aperture (up = a lower number like 2.8). We’ll cover “depth of field” in another post. For now, be happy that you just made someone look fabulous.

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