April 6, 2012

Five ways to snapshoot an Easter Egg hunt.

It’s rabbit season.

This weekend marks a couple of pretty big family holidays – Passover and Easter. Your family’s going to be getting together, and in between the disagreements over the upcoming election and why you-know-who shouldn’t have been kicked off of Idol, you’re going to want to get a snapshot or two of the day’s festivities.

I’m focusing on the classic “Easter Egg Hunt” here, but these tips are good for just about any springtime photos of kids.

Put some green in the picture.
Spring is colourful, so make it work for you. Take a shot in the grass or (if you’re luckier than us up here in Toronto), put a few eggs among the crocuses and tulips for a bright shot. I particularly like shooting colour blocks – a big field of green (grass), a bright blue (or orange) sky.

Get down low.
Most kids are short, so you should be short too. Get down to their level for good looking portraits. Get down even lower (belly on the ground!) for nifty distorted perspectives that make them look big.

Break down the story into smaller photos.
Snap one of just the hand reaching for an egg. Capture the look of surprise on a toddler’s face when she finds something new and exciting. Take close ups of the eggs nobody has yet found.

Think about multiples.
Flip your camera into Av mode, turn up the aperture as high as you can and get a shot of a row of eggs. The further back the photo goes, the blurrier the look – very fun, very cool. Your friends will be jealous.

Holidays are a bunch of moments strung together into a day. Put yourself somewhere you know a great moment will happen (at a table, around a corner), lock in your autofocus and wait for the moment to unfold. You’ll be ready to take some wonderful images when the time comes.

And that’s all there is to it. Post your Seder and bunny chomping photos here when you’ve got the chance. 

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