February 7, 2012

How to shoot a baby – the problems (and the solutions).

Want to earn your gold star in photography?

Learn to take a great snapshot of a baby.

Babies are tricky. They move. They cry. They don’t care that you’re trying to take the photo. Overcome these common problems and your baby photos will look a whole lot better. Gold star – for you.

Baby moves – making the photo blurry
·      This will happen all the time
·      Make sure you have enough light
·      Increase your shutter speed
·      Too dark? Increase your ISO
·      Still too dark? Try a bigger aperture (smaller number)
·      Cheat: Take the picture when the baby is sleeping and she doesn’t move so much (awwww)

Baby moves – can’t autofocus
·      Focus on an “area” and wait for the baby to enter that area
·      Use your camera’s advanced autofocus features for moving objects (some cameras only)
·      Cheat: Take a deliberately out of focus picture for an artistic look

Baby has drool/tomato sauce/something on its face
·      Look at the baby before you lift the camera
·      Keep handy wipes around for quick touch ups
·      Learn to use the right tools in Photoshop or Lightroom
·      Cheat: Tell everyone you meant to do that – it’s cute!

Baby is sad/mad/Hulk-like
·      Put the camera down and play with the baby
·      Get your shot ready and distract the baby with sound, light, etc.
·      Cheat: angry baby shots look cool and can be used to blackmail the baby when he’s a teenager

Light is too harsh
·      Using flash? Turn off flash
·      Outside? Turn baby out of the sun or get into the shade away from the sun

Baby looks green
·      Check your “white balance
·      Match white balance for the kind of light you’re using

Baby looks small
·      Get closer (before you zoom in)
·      Zoom in – but turn off the “digital zoom,” you can do the same thing in software

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