November 24, 2011

Step-by-step - How to take a better grab shot.

I love catching my kids in the moment. The earnestness on the face is so much better than dealing with that mega-fake smile that should be reserved for Jostens day at school.

In my last post, I mentioned the key ingredients to taking a better snapshot in the moment. But the real secret to making a good grab shot happen?

Be ready.

Putting together the right combination of settings makes it easier to life the camera to your eye, take the photo and get the shot you want:

1.         Turn on your camera.
2.         Pick a white balance that matches your lighting conditions.
3.         Turn off your flash if you don’t need it.
4.         Set your camera to P, TV, Av/S or M.
5.          Dial in your ISO, shutter speed and/or aperture (depending on what you did in #4).
6.         Look around for a great potential shot.
7.          Lift the camera to your eye and become a human tripod.
8.         Lock in your focus.
9.         Wait for the moment.
10.    Click.

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