September 8, 2011

Bonus – How I learned to take a photo

One of my first photos

School is for suckers.

This, of course, is not true for everyone – but when it comes to photography, I was able to get a much better education outside the classroom than I ever did inside one. To be honest, I’ve never really embraced school in any of its forms. I floated through high school, able to succeed because I wrote well. I got a university degree (in the world I actually work no less!), but didn’t really “learn” what I do until there was a paycheque attached.

I never even picked up my first camera until I was nearly 30.

The reason? Newborn baby. I took all sorts of awful snapshots those first couple of years and when Canon came out with its first consumer SLR, I hopped on board. I took a class and learned the basics, then took another class to learn the intermediates and, well, it wasn’t a fun time.

My real photo education has come from three places – the Internet, books by favourite photographers and trying stuff out for myself. If you’re like me and want to learn more about taking great pics without getting into study-mode, you might want to try these things out too.

The Internet – find stuff you like
I’m constantly looking for photo tips on the web. My big passion is lighting, so I spend a lot of time at (not recommended unless you’re a lighting nerd). I like surfing around, looking at great photos and emulating what I learn from them. For that I just hit Google or Flickr or by looking at the work of other photographers I admire.

·      Communities: Photojojo and Photography Talk
·      Blogs: Strobist, Chase Jarvis
·      Inspiration: Flickr, Chromasia

Books – Get to know Scott Kelby and Joe McNally
I got most of my “formal” learning from books – posing, lighting and inspiration. My all-time favourite is from celeb photographer Michael Grecco. “Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait” was an amazing read. Taught me tonnes about how to turn a great idea into a great photo. Others to think about:

·      Scott Kelby is your man when it comes to Photoshop and Lightroom
·      Joe McNally is a National Geographic photographer with a great eye and nifty insights. His stuff can be a bit technical, but it’s always worth a read

Experience – Screw up a whole lot

And one of my best photos.

There’s rarely a photo session I have where I don’t learn something big – a lot of which shows up in this blog. Missing a messy face or overexposing because I bumped a setting makes me better at taking photos. I’m still taking loads of pictures of my kids these days, it’s just that they look more professional and interesting than ever before.

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