March 25, 2011


A little new territory for Frame One.

Every week, I publish a simple tip for making better memories with that great little point-and-shoot camera you already own. Starting this week, I’m going to take things a step further – I’m going to show you exactly how to get the shot I describe in the Wednesday post with a simple little step-by-step guide.

This week, we’re talking about ditching your on board flash. Want to get a great shot of your charming new beau? Here’s what you need to do:

  1.  Prep. Grab your camera and a white surface of some sort – foamcore, a sheet, even a couple of sheets of paper work.

  2. Set up. Open the blinds on a nearby window or screen door. Want to try it outside? Head into the shade beneath a tree.

  3. Camera. Turn on the camera, set it to “P” and turn off the flash. Most cameras make it easy, offering a button that looks like a lightning bolt on it. Check your manual for exact settings.
  4. Position your model. Make sure he, she or they are lit by the window. A good rule of thumb is to have them turn their body so that the body is on a bit of an angle – even if they turn the head to look straight into the camera.

  5. Check the light. Do you like the way it looks? Does it blend nicely from light to dark? If you need a bit more light on the dark side of the face or body, grab your white surface (fomacore, sheet, etc.). Put the surface on the dark side of the model so it makes things a little brighter. Move it around to see what things look like. 

  6. Click. Take the picture. The light should look and feel more natural and beautiful than what your flash offers. Is your subject blurry? There’s a reason for that. You need a little more light. Get a bit closer to the door/out of the shade and see if that does the trick.

That’s it! Have fun – and if you’re brave enough, post your finished pic on our Facebook page for congratulations.

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