February 4, 2011

“Ok wise guy – what’s ‘your’ workflow?”

Oh experience. Why have you deleted so many of my files?

The only thing to make you religious about naming and backing up your files is one really awful tap of the delete key – similar to the one that wiped out my 2000-2004 archive. I managed to recover most of ‘em, but now I’m crazy for the workflow. Based on Wednesday’s post, here’s what I do as soon as I stop taking the pictures:

Where you keep your photos.
  • Open the 2011 folder.
  • Make a new folder for the photo shoot with the [DATE] and [NAME] – 020211 – Family Snow Day Trip
  • Make a folder for the type of photos (e.g. “RAW” or “JPEG”).

What you call it.
  • Open my photo editing program
  • Stick my card in the card reader.
  • Open the import dialogue box.
  • Title my photos according to date and activity – 020111 – Leafs-Panthers Hockey Game 

How you tag it.
  • Type meta tags into the box – names, locations, type of shoot (Portrait, Landscape, Family)

How you fix it.
I use Adobe Lightroom and follow the steps on the “Develop” window
  • Color temperature
  • Exposure (light/dark)
  • Clarity
  • Saturation
  • Sharpening
If I’m doing special stuff (like converting to Black and White), I’ll usually make that my first step.

One more thing.
I'm a backup fanatic - I use two separate locations for backing up.
  • Use “Time Machine” automated backup software (I'm on a Mac)
  • Use a second offsite backup at Mozy.com

And now - the contest. Submit a question on the Frame One blog page.
Why don't we take a step out of your workflow with automatic downloads via a braaaaaand new EyeFi 4 gig card. What's an EyeFi? It's a memory card with a Wi-Fi signal. You hook it up to your network and tell it where to send your pics - and blammo they fly through the air and land on your computer.

Here's what you've got to do.

Post a question you have about taking pictures - something you've always wondered, something that bugs you in one of your photos, something you'd like to hear more about. Post your question in the comments section of the blog (I'll answer 'em in future posts). I'll make the draw on February 18 from all the entries. Prize is a fab 4 gig EyeFi x2 card. Just like this one.

Get the conversation started.

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